Locomotives for this years tours will mostly be supplied from the West Coast Railway Company fleet based at Carnforth. Most tours are scheduled to be diesel hauled except our “Steam Special” programme of trains which are scheduled to feature Steam Locomotive Haulage.

Unless otherwise stated within the tour program, we do not usually know which locomotives will be operating our tours and they can (in general) be any locomotive from the operator’s fleet.

If a specific locomotives is stated as being on our train, this is subject to availability and may be changed at short notice for operational reasons. Please do not contact our booking line with requests for specific locomotive information as this information is not usually available. Should this information become available to us, it will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Other Locomotives used have included the AC Loco Group’s 86101, Cotswold Rail owned 47714, 47813 and 47818, FM Rail owned 47703, 47709 and 47832, Riviera Trains owned 47769, 47805, 47812, 47815, 47839, 47843, 47847, 47848 and 47853, West Coast Railway Company owned 47854, and 57601, and Freightliner 47292. Our December 2007 tour to Dundee from Stockport featured EWS class 67015 and 67013. In 2008 our tours featured EWS locos including 37401, 37405 and 37417 & 67019, CFPS 40145 & a selection of Riviera Trains class 47s. 2009 saw a selection of Riviera 47s, a welcome return for 40145 and DB Shenker supplied a new engine for Spirit in 37670 which has been partnering 37401 which we have used previously.

Class 66 locomotives have made their debut as booked motive power and our first scheduled haulage by them was in the shape of 66012 and 66075 powering our West Highlander tour to Motherwell from where old friends 37401 & 37670 took us to Oban and back in 2009.