Seating - Disabled Passengers

Seating - Disabled Passengers

We are more than happy to accommodate passengers with special needs connected to mobility or other disability on most of our trains.

Please advise us in advance of any assistance you may require, such as help with boarding and alighting from the train, access to a ramp and so on - so as we can discuss it with you and offer you any assistance on the day if needed as well as to allocate you the most appropriate seating.

Folding wheelchairs can be taken on most trains without difficulty and there is space to stow them for you during the journey. Notice of this is required when booking. Seating can be requested close to toilets, doors etc.

On occasion passengers may be required to walk through carriages when boarding or alighting, due to short platform lengths.

Unfortunately we are unable to convey non folding wheelchairs or motorised scooters aboard our trains.